Blu Duets


ble duets

july 2019

Corianne Wright

My mother's mother loved me.
Hands held out, waiting to receive her wisdom. Held so long, they turned blue.

Soft but not timid, Blu Duets finds Corianne Wright at an intersection between Generational Saga and self. Reassembling collected fables with personal memory, Wright complicates this legacy with vibrant color and collapsing space. The duet is danced with ghosts again & again, losing sight of truth but never escaping it.

Corianne Wright (b.1991) is an American Artist, Curator and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Based between Denver, CO & Chicago, IL, her bright and morose work has been exhibited in various galleries and theaters throughout the Midwest and Colorado.

In addition to her practice, Corianne is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Odessa; A nomadic arts incubator expanding the definition of what art is—and where art can happen. Odessa works with visual artists on forward-thinking art exhibitions, critical discourse, and community enrichment. Using storytelling to support artists in communicating their value to new audience members all while making the process more transparent, more creative and more experimental!