Re-Making the Masters

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Re-Making the Masters


Whether it be, Monet, Matisse, O’Keefe, or Kahlo, this class is structured to render a work by a master painter. With step by step instruction, this particular class allows the student to follow along closely, or follow loosely, depending on their prerogative. The goal is to take home a rendition of some of the worlds most beloved artworks. 


Robyn Huffman is an active artist in Denver who currently works under the pseudonym Ava Van Deursen. Robyn has been creating in Denver since 2007, when she received her BFA from the University of Denver. Teaching art has been a passion of Robyn's since she can remember, and has been teaching privately and publicly for 8 years. Robyn believes that art and community is what life is all about.

Ages 13 and up


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