Current Exhibition

see through the veil

juan fuentes

curated by: john lake and eric mitchell

opening: march 1st, 2019

part of month of photography

juan fuentes is a documentary photographer born in chihuahua, mexico and based in denver. his work captures everyday life from a lower class point of view and tells stories of contemporary america, highlighting the chicano experience.




Year One

Johnny Draco

Opening: April 5th, 2019

“Year One” features work exploring a radical change in Draco’s art form. Once defining the depths of the outcasted wolf, he now begins steps forward to explore the human thought process, and the theories of everyday life. This is the study of observation, Year One.

Johnny Draco is a self-taught visual artist hailing from Atlanta Georgia who specializes in post-pop art. With bold lines and contrasting colors, Draco’s art acts as a conductor of one’s eye and perspective. His work aims to unlock the inner child, and provide the ultimate nostalgia for his viewers as he applies his personal truth “being a child is the purest form of creativity”. 

image courtesy of  Tyler Vitello

image courtesy of Tyler Vitello

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