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In August & September 2017 all financial donations (including tips in our store) will be directed to our Creative Spaces Campaign.

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Here's What We Offer

Our 8,000 square foot facility serves as a:

…community-focused fine art, music and conservation education center.

…central hub for the collection and resale of donated materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

…makerspace that fuels innovation and collaboration, sparking dialogue of learning between teachers, students, artists, makers and activists.

…children’s studio, where developmentally appropriate art-making experiences and exposure to diverse artistic practices inspire young minds.

…event space for musical performances, lectures and workshops conducted by artists, educators and environmental activist from inside and outside our community. space for sixteen working artists.

…rotating exhibition hall and an artist marketplace, highlighting local artists.

Our Progress

In our first eight months, ReCreative Denver has:

  • diverted over 20,000 pounds of usable materials from the waste stream

  • hosted  community events attended by roughly 5,000 community members

  • served over 2,000 people through our store & on-site programming

  • utilized 40 volunteers who have performed over 2,300 hours of service

  • welcomed sixteen resident artists & seven community workshop members

We are tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.  With your support, we can make an even greater impact!  

How you can help

Our vision is big. Our impact can be great. Our budget is...small.  ReCreative seeks an investment of $30,000 from the community to fully realize our organization’s vision and reach our goal serving 5,000 makers in 2017, including a diversity of low and moderate income families, from throughout the greater Denver area.

Financial Contributions

Thanks to a kick-starter grant from Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Meow Wolf, we have just begun work on our Creative Spaces project, which entails the build-out of a free-to-use community studio, a children’s crafting area, and a community workshop.  These drop-in creative spaces will serve as gathering points for communities of new and experienced makers of all ages to connect, play, develop their ideas and work on personally meaningful projects, using both new technologies and traditional tools. Our Creative Space campaign funds will be used to make location improvements to these areas, and to acquire the necessary artistic tools to maximize our ability to provide the community with a place to create, connect, engage, play, and reuse.

Specifically, we plan to build additional workspaces and supply storage, expand our woodworking workshop, acquire the requisite computer, projection and video equipment, and purchase additional tools and equipment for community art making and design prototyping. In our children’s area, we plan to complete our child-scale workstations, install additional supply storage, and acquire the necessary tools and technology for our children’s woodworking, sewing, fine art and STEM-based programs.

With a mission as multivalent as ours, all this is particularly challenging to accomplish with an average retail item price of $1.24.

 Our Creative Space campaign’s success depends on many small donations from our neighbors, artists, dreamers, environmentalists, and invested parents from throughout the Denver area.

Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation today so that we may continue to grow and serve the Denver community!

*ReCreative Denver is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation will be fully deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services will be provided to you in exchange for your donation.
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