Large Spaces and Small Worlds


Large Spaces and small worlds

April 6 - 29 , 2018

Leo Rivera and Becky Wareing Steele

Curated by Drew Austin

Large Spaces and Small Worlds features new works by Leo Rivera and Becky Wareing Steele.

Contrasting styles, methods of creation, and context, this two-person exhibition will pair large scale non-objective paintings in direct relation with miniature architectural prototypes, using sculpture as a means to add punctuation to a sentence created through paint. A site-specific collaborative installation will bring these two artists together, combining content and creating a single voice.


Thoughts on infinity, specificity, and micro/macro views of the world permeate these new bodies of work by two emerging contemporary artists in Denver. Curated by Drew Austin this exhibition will utilize the large space available in ReCreative Denver in a way that will have you visually stimulated with an inkling for further exploration of space.