For the Time, Being


For the time, being

June 2019

Daniel M. Granitto and Nathan Abels

Work by Nathan Abels courtesy of Rule Gallery

The word alone is built from two words: all and one.

Daniel M. Granitto and Nathan Abels are pleased to present “For the Time, Being.”, an exhibition of new works that contemplates the interwoven nature of being: namely that no incident or moment stands in isolation.

Daniel M. Granitto returned to his hometown of Lakewood, Colorado in 2016 after living and working in Chicago, Illinois for six years where he received his BFA in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working across various scales and media, Granitto’s paintings are meditations on the subtle magic that stealthily seeps into daily life and gently whispers “eternity”. Daniel currently works out of his home studio in Lakewood where he lives with his wife and two kids.

Nathan Abels

My work explores our relationship to the natural world and technology. Themes in my work are also influenced by spiritual traditions and history. I think of each body of work as distinct, with its own images and approaches. Recent exhibitions have included drawings, paintings, sculptural forms, and sound. For this group of drawings I was inspired by the movement of the central two deer in the piece titled “Reaching”. That served as a jumping off point for the rest of works.

Daniel M. Granitto

Based on source images from the artist’s personal photo archive, Granitto’s paintings are intrinsically and necessarily rooted in real moments of lived experience; however glorious or mundane. His primary aim in meditating on these images is to isolate the electrified instance of direct and total experience wherein one's whole self becomes fully aware of the tremendous and awful (awe full) weight of being. The works shown here continue to probe this inexhaustible idea by placing particular attention on the interwoven nature of being: namely that no incident or moment stands in isolation. All things connect and Meaning is.

Nathan Abels

Nathan Abels has been an active member in the Denver area arts scene since his arrival in 2007 from Indiana- showing in numerous solo and group shows. The Denver Post named him the “Emerging Artist of the Year” for 2009 and one of the “12 Best Colorado Artists 35 and Under” in 2011. The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art featured his exhibit "History of the Future" in 2018. In 2019 he will have another solo museum exhibition at the Littleton Museum. He is represented by Rule Gallery in Denver, Colorado. His work can be found in the Telfair Art Museum, Savannah, GA; Fort Wayne Art Museum, Ft Wayne, IN; and at the Savannah College of Art and Design among others.